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Dallas Bathtubs

Your tub is a place to relax at the end of a long day. It may also be a battlefield where you wrestle your kids into cleanliness on hectic school nights. Either way, if it’s outdated, it’s time for a stylish, affordable upgrade from Bath Masters. We have several ways to transform your bathroom—and we can complete the job in as little as one day. We’re not just the trusted choice for Dallas Bathtubs—we’re also the leading name in Fort Worth bathtubs, surrounds, and more. We offer:

  • Replacement Bathtubs
  • Bath Wall Surrounds
  • One-Day Baths

Quality Dallas Replacement Tubs

A dull or chipped tub can make your entire bathroom look outdated, but our affordable replacement tubs can boost your bathroom’s style in as little as a single day. Our tubs are made from durable acrylic that is treated with an antimicrobial agent. That means it’s easy to keep the tub clean and fresh without the hassle of daily scrubbing.

Stylish Bath Wall Surrounds

Are you looking for a quick way to add a punch of style to your bathroom? Our beautiful bath wall surrounds can do that—and they are a low-maintenance product. Our no-grout surrounds are available in many style and color combinations with pattern choices including diamond, subway, windmill, and more. Trim kits and wainscoting let you add a finishing touch!

Fort Worth One-Day Baths

A lot of homeowners ask us if we can really complete the installation of a new tub in one day. Thanks to our innovative one-day-bath process, we can! Each tub is custom fabricated based on detailed measurements, so there is never an issue with an imperfect fit. Once the tub is complete, our certified bathtub installation professionals arrive with everything they need to get the job done efficiently and flawlessly.

What about Bath Liners?

Our bathtub company gets a lot of calls from customers who are considering bath liners. While many view this as a cost-effective option, we have found that our replacement baths are equally cost-effective and offer many benefits over liners. Our replacement tubs are a much more durable solution, and you’ll have many more design and color options. If you’ve been thinking about a bath liner, let us show you why a quality replacement tub is a better choice.

Learn More about Our Replacement Bathtubs

Don’t put off a much need bath renovation! Contact us to learn more about our quality replacement bathtubs and other products. We’ll boost your bathroom’s style and functionality in as little as a day and for much less than a traditional renovation. Call us at Bath Masters today, or fill out our simple online form now to request a free, no-obligation design consultation and estimate.