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Bathroom Remodeling

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the average cost of a bathroom remodel is around $16,000. If you opt for a mid-range remodel, you can expect to pay an average of $16,552, while an upscale remodel will set you back an average of $52,249. However, as bathroom remodels can involve many specific details, Bath Masters can assist you in creating a design that fits your budget, often costing less than the national average.

At Bath Masters, we offer an array of contemporary design concepts featuring fresh style patterns, a variety of fixture and shelving hues, and hassle-free maintenance with our tub and shower designs.

One initial inquiry to make is whether you prefer your color selection to complement the current fixtures and finishes in your residence, or if you would rather have your fresh bathroom design make a unique statement with its own distinct style.

While many individuals can handle do-it-yourself projects, bathroom renovations can quickly become challenging and time-consuming due to unexpected issues. However, with Bath Masters, completing such a project can be done in just a matter of days. In addition to sparing you the stress and hassle, our team's professional expertise can also prevent the costly errors that some DIYers may make, potentially saving you money.

Bath Masters can assist you in achieving a lavish bathroom ambiance, regardless of its size, through appropriate storage solutions such as custom cabinets and the ideal vanity sink.

There are two key aspects to achieving energy efficiency in a bathroom. The first pertains to the walls, particularly in older homes that lack insulation. At Bath Masters, we address this issue by installing insulation on any exterior wall that requires it. The second aspect concerns water conservation, which can be achieved through the use of modern fixtures that consume less water. This not only helps to reduce water bills, but also supports efforts to conserve water in regions frequently affected by drought.

At Bath Masters, we maintain regular communication with the local authorities of every community where we undertake remodeling projects. We possess all the required licenses and obtain the necessary permits for each community. Additionally, we provide liability insurance to ensure our customers have peace of mind.

Realtors consider the bathroom as one of the crucial rooms in a house that can aid in its sale. Remodeling the bathroom also yields one of the highest returns on investment among all home improvement projects, with a rate of 102.2%.