If it’s time to update that grimy, cracked eyesore of a bathtub, you’ll find that there are many options available. Homeowners can choose everything from a bathtub replacement to a conversion to a bathtub liner when remodeling.

Indeed, many Bath Master customers seriously consider installing a replacement bathtub liner because it is touted as a fast and affordable solution. Yet, there are plenty of drawbacks to using these bath products.

Reasons Not to Use Bath Liners

Bath liners do have some benefits, which is why they remain popular. When the tub only has surface damage and is simple in design a bath liner can be quick and very inexpensive to install. However, this is rarely the case. Tubs come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of damage. As you can imagine this complicates things a lot.

Water Can Get Between the Liner and Tub

Companies that install bath liners do their best to prevent water penetration with precision molded liners and use of adhesives around the edges of the tub. Despite these steps, there is still a chance water could get underneath the bath liner. All it takes is a small opening between the liner and the tub.

When this happens, you’ll notice a squishing sensation when stepping into the bath. There will also be unpleasant odors that arise from mold growing in the stagnant water.

Not Available for Every Type of Bathtub

Bath liners can’t even be used on every bathtub found in people’s homes. These products won’t work well with fiberglass tubs, walk-in tubs, jetted tubs, or freestanding bathtubs.

Most bath liners are molded to fit the exact specifications of an existing type of bathtub and fit over them like a cap. This isn’t easy to do with a freestanding tub or an unusual bathtub design. Also, specialty cuts need to be made for whirlpool jets, which also means an increased chance of water seeping underneath.

Extra Plumbing Work May Be Needed

Since the bath liner adds extra width to the bathtub, your drains may need to be raised so they are level with the new liner. This isn’t a major project but can be extra work and expense for homeowners who wanted an inexpensive renovation.

They Need an Exact Fit

It’s hard to get an exact fit for a bath liner, especially if your bathtub is a less common style or has many contours. A liner that isn’t a perfect match can have space between it and the tub, leading to flexing and an uneven surface. Over time, your bath liner may even crack leaving you back at square one.

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