Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, and it’s a space that needs to be functional as well as stylish. As you’re thinking about making changes, consider these popular trends that will help you take your bathroom from so-so to spectacular!

The Look of Marble
Marble comes and goes as a top choice in a bathroom remodel—but it’s back, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. While incorporating marble can be costly, you’ll find much less expensive options that give you the same look. Shower surrounds made with durable acrylic can be found in exclusive colors & patters that beautifully mimic the look of natural stone.

Forgoing the Tub
Opting for walk-in showers instead of a tub has been trending for a while. The benefits are easy to see: A walk-in shower takes up less space, is easier to clean, and is accessible even by those with limited mobility. You’ll have your choice of many colors and styles, and you can add an above-mentioned surround for a custom look.

Mixing Metals
Do your chrome faucets mean you must have a chrome towel bar and chrome-framed mirrors? Not anymore! Mixing metals is on trend and, when done right, can add a designer touch to your space. For the best look, don’t choose different metals that are too similar. Instead choose very different metals in boldly different colors that complement each other.

Darker Colors
Bright colors have their place, but this year many are going to the dark side for their bathroom color inspiration. From dark blue hues to total blackouts, homeowners are opting for elegant, modern looks that can be achieved with a darker palette. You can also add visual interest by installing a glass shower door with a black frame.

Color Pops
Prefer a lighter, brighter look? Another playful way to use colors in your bathroom is to use a lot of white and then add pops of color throughout. The shower surrounds mentioned above are one way to achieve that, and installing eye-catching countertops is another.

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