Is your bathroom lacking in style or functionality? If you’re like many homeowners, you may have put off a much-needed updated because you thought it would be too expensive. The good news is that there are ways to save money on your bathroom remodel without sacrificing quality or the features that are most important to you.

Here are a few top tips for saving on your bathroom makeover.

Focus on the Bathing Area

A full bathroom renovation may be out of your budget, but you can transform the look and functionality of the entire room by focusing your attention on the bathing area. Replace an outdated bathtub or shower or transform from one to the other with a bath conversion. Add a marble-look wall surround fabricated with durable, affordable acrylic to create an eye-catching focal point.

By concentrating your budget in this area, you’ll be able to make a big impact without spending a fortune!

 Do Some Updates Yourself

Leave the bathing area to the professionals and then add some finishing touches DIY style. Examples of very inexpensive changes you can make yourself including:

  • Painting the Walls in a Color that Complements the New Bathing Area
  • Updating the Hardware on Your Cabinets
  • Adding Live Plants and New Artwork

Limit Optional Accessories

Do you really need four built-in caddies? While some of the add-ons are great, if you’re trying to save then nixing some of the unnecessary extras is a way to keep costs down without giving up any of the really important features or sacrificing on quality. You can always add a stylish shelving unit to the tub or shower down the road.

Look for Bathroom Remodel Offers

Keep your eyes open for special offers from a local bath remodeling company. You may find bathroom remodel offers for several hundred dollars off a new tub or shower or, perhaps, free accessories with a tub-to-shower conversion. Waiting for a special offer is one more way to make the most of your home-improvement budget.

Ask About Financing Deals
Many financing companies offer deals with very low or even 0% interest. Taking advantage of attractive financing opportunities allows you to more easily budget for the remodel while paying the same, or nearly the same, as cash.

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