As you age, it becomes more difficult to carry on with everyday activities like taking that relaxing bath each evening. The traditional shower/tub combo isn't easy for everyone to use, especially if you have mobility concerns. At Bath Masters, we give Dallas homeowners another option in the form of stylish walk in tubs. These bathtubs are attractive and make bathing easier for everyone in the family.

Why Should You Consider Installing One of Our Walk in Tubs?

Bath Masters helps customers choose a high quality walk in bathtub that fits within their budget, and fulfills their requirements for a comfortable tub. Our products are made from durable acrylic that won't chip, peel, or stain. They also come as part of our complete bathroom renovation services, if you want to freshen up the entire space.

You'll have the option of adding a new wall surround, wainscoting on the bathroom walls, or selecting some of our additional services, including:

  Toilet Replacement

  New Vanities & Countertops

  New Flooring

  Shower Replacement

  Shower to Bath Conversions

An experienced bathroom contractor can help you with putting together a plan to make an old, worn out space beautiful and functional again.

The Benefits of Walk in Tubs

Walk in tubs are a great option for homeowners who want to improve their safety in the bathroom. This area frequently sees moisture, which creates slippery floors and bathtubs. A traditional tub also has high walls, and it becomes more difficult to step over these walls into the bath as you age or develop limited mobility.

With the unique design of a walk in tub, it is easier to step inside via the swing open door. You'll also be able to sit comfortably with the built in seat instead of sitting on the bottom of the tub. Our products are good for people with joint problems, muscle issues, vertigo, and circulatory issues. Since this is a bathtub, it is also helpful for those who may have trouble standing for extended periods and thus, cannot use a shower.

Walk in tubs also come with many features, like hydrotherapy jets, that can ease everyday conditions like:

  Muscle & Joint Pain

  Stress & Tension

  Poor Circulation

  Mood Improvement

Having limited mobility doesn't mean you have to give up independence in the home. With the guidance of a licensed and certified Dallas bathroom contractor, it's a cinch to pick out and install a practical walk in tub that allows you to continue bathing alone. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our accessibility products during a free, at home consultation with price estimate.