walk-in tub

Every year, there are thousands of people injured in their own homes—and a large majority of those accidents happen in the bathroom. For those living with physical mobility issues, the bathroom can be a scary place where extra care and caution are necessary for preventing serious injuries and even deadly slips and falls.

Fortunately, living with limited mobility doesn’t have to mean a total loss of independence in the bathroom. There are ways to lower and even to eliminate the risk of accidents happening while bathing or showering. If you’re hoping to help yourself or someone in your household experience a safer and more accessible experience in the bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

At Bath Masters, we’re always excited to help our customers make their homes safer and better with beautiful, affordable ADA bathroom options. Our broad range of products is designed to suit a diverse range of household needs, with important features that can significantly reduce the risk of dangerous falls and accidents in the bathroom. In this article, we’re going over some of our favorite options for improving bathroom accessibility for those that can benefit from extra safety in their homes.

Walk-In Tubs

Bathtub falls are particularly prevalent problems for those that live with mobility issues. This is unfortunate, as a hot bath can be very therapeutic for soothing sore muscles, relaxing nerves, and relieving physical and even emotional stress.

Walk-in tubs are an exceptional solution for those that have given up on bathing. A walk-in tub features a low threshold entryway and a door that swings open to allow easy accessibility—a superior feature compared to the high-walled entrances of most traditional bathtubs. In addition, walk-in bathtubs are outfitted with additional features for added safety, like slip-resistant flooring, easy-reach controls, and customized seating.

Roll-In Showers

Roll-in showers are another exceptional option for household members that prefer showering to bathing. With zero-entry thresholds, wheelchair users can enjoy barrier-free access into the shower area. The space inside the shower can be customized for those showering while in a seated position. For example, low-barrier showers can feature hand-held showerheads, easy-to-reach controls, and soap dishes, grab bars, and specialized seating can all be placed at a height complementary to your needs.

Other Bathroom Accessories for Added Safety and Accessibility

Beyond showering and bathing, the rest of your bathroom can also be optimized for your accessibility needs. Here are some of the best features we’ve seen to improve bathroom safety for those that need it:

  • Emergency Call Buttons: These are usually placed by the toilet or next to the bath or shower area. Emergency call buttons can be connected to an app that can alert a caretaker or household member of a potential emergency. They can also be set-up to contact 9-11 directly.
  • Digital or Sensor Faucets: Traditional faucet accessories can be difficult to operate for those suffering from arthritis or other physical conditions. Instead of rotating fixtures, opt for press-button or sensor faucets that turn on and off without the hassle.
  • Lighting Upgrades: Similarly, light switches can cause problems for people suffering from arthritis or other conditions. Push-button or sensor lighting can be excellent upgrades for increasing usability in the bathroom.
  • Toilets: Consider replacing your toilet with one that meets the right level for your height for easier access. Also, add grab bars on the wall beside the toilet area for extra stability when standing up and sitting down.

Superior Dallas and Fort Worth Bathroom Upgrades

If you’re interested in a safer bath experience at a surprisingly affordable price, Bath Masters is here to assist you. We’d love to help you regain independence with better bathroom accessibility with the highest quality products, professional installations, and personalized customer service that we’re known for as a leading Texas bathroom remodeling company.

To get started building the beautiful ADA bathroom of your dreams, give our courteous customer service team a call now. Or, fill out our online form and get started right away with a free, in-home pricing estimate and consultation.