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At Bath Masters, our focus is on providing our customers with fast, cost-effective bathroom remodeling that adds the most value to your investment. One of the best ways to achieve a better bathroom is by focusing on the areas that need repairs or replacement the most—which is why we’ve dedicated this article on upgrading your bathroom’s wet area. 

The wet area of the bathroom refers to the shower and tub products, along with the walls and flooring that surrounds them. These products are the ones that are most likely to be in need of serious upgrades to reverse signs of water damage and deterioration due to aging or cheaply-made bathroom products. If you’re hoping to start a home remodeling project and are looking for the best ways to allocate your budget, the wet area is a great place to start. In this guide, you’ll learn why wet area renovations are so popular among homeowners like you—and how to get started with a fast, affordable, and effective wet area remodeling project.

What is the Wet Area?

The wet area refers to the areas of your bathroom that get wet—specifically, the shower, bathtub, flooring, and walls that are subjected to hard water exposure, moisture, and humidity every single day. If your bathroom products aren’t holding up to the stress that we put on them, you could be experiencing fast deterioration due to water damage, mold, mildew, and other issues. Ideal wet areas consist of strong, durable products and waterproof materials, In the past, homes were made with lower quality materials that made cleaning a chore—and that didn’t fight against water damage or mildew growth the way that today’s materials do. If your products are aging and deteriorating fast, it could be a great time to upgrade with high-quality acrylic or stone materials that are easy to clean, long-lasting, and provide a much better value to your home investment.

Planning a High-Value (Yet Affordable) Wet Area Renovation 

We understand how intimidating any type of home remodeling project can be. For most homeowners unfamiliar with bathroom remodeling, it can be stressful trying to determine how to best spend your money on improvements. This is why wet area remodeling can be so effective. 

Instead of remodeling your entire bathroom, a wet area project will focus on the areas that really need your attention—like the shower, tub, walls, and flooring. Upgrading these aspects of your bathroom can result in an impactful change and a dramatic transformation that affects your entire space—at a fraction of the price and at a much faster rate than a full bathroom overhaul.

When planning your bathroom renovation, take a look at your wet area and evaluate the problems you see with it. It could be mold or mildew growing on the walls, cracks in the tub, stains on the floors or ceilings indicating water damage, or other issues. Another common issue is space. Some effective remodeling ideas include: 

  • Bathtub Replacement and Shower Replacement: Replacing your shower and bathtub products with brand-new, sparkling clean ones will greatly impact the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Depending on the rest of your bathroom’s condition, you might not need to focus on anything else for a stunning and high-value result.
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion: If you rarely use your tub or are frustrated with the lack of space in your bathroom, tub-to-shower conversion is a quick and effective way to maximize square footage and improve your bathroom layout.
  • Wall-Surround Replacement: If the walls around your tub and shower area look worse for wear, wall surrounds are a quick, easy, and very affordable way to improve your bathroom. These high-quality acrylic materials are custom-fit and made with waterproof materials that are long-lasting and easy-to-clean. 
  • Floor Replacement: Your bathroom floors are an important part of your bathroom design and structure. That’s why it’s so important that the floors are well-designed, strong, and waterproof to hold out over the daily water exposure and heavy traffic. Replacing old, dirty, peeling floors can breathe fresh life into your bathroom space—while protecting it from deterioration over time.

Upgrading Your Wet Area for Safety

A rising trend for homeowners today is upgrading the wet area for safety concerns. A high percentage of accidents inside the home happen in the bathroom—and the risk of major injuries due to slips and falls increases as we get older. This is also a concern for residents living with mobility issues, whether due to old age or as a result of disabilities and illnesses that limit movement. 

If someone in your household struggles with independence in the bathroom, upgrading the wet area with non-slip materials, walk-in shower and roll-in shower installations for better wheelchair access, and other ADA-approved features can greatly benefit your lifestyle at home. 

Premium Bathroom Remodeling Solutions in DFW

A bathroom remodel is one of the best ways to improve your home—whether you’re hoping to boost the value of your property for sale or to simply enjoy a better lifestyle at home. At Bath Masters, our company was founded on the idea that high-quality remodeling solutions shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We work closely with our customers to come up with personalized bathroom remodeling solutions that fit the exact needs and budget requirements for lasting and impactful results.

If you’re interested in learning more about our remodeling solutions at Bath Masters, we can help you find the best plan at the fairest price. Give our team a call today to speak with one of our agents over the phone about your home remodeling plans or fill out our online form to request a free, in-home pricing estimate with one of our dedicated project coordinators now.